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Privacy Policy

Last updated on April 15th, 2021


Our (Quitcy) users’ privacy is very important for us. Therefore, we are committed to respect your privacy regarding any information that we may collect while using our website and apps. In this privacy policy you will find information about:

- What type of information we collect when you use or access our mobile app and website (referred as “services”)

- How we collect this data, and what we do to maintain and protect this information

- Why do we need to collect certain information

- Security and storage of this data

- Changes to this privacy policy


What data we collect from our users


We collect some personal information from our users, this includes health related data, or other personal data (further referred as “personal information”), we do this lawfully and with your consent and knowledge. This data is the minimum required for the mobile app to function.

We may process the following identifiable information (including, but not limited to): name, email address, date of birth, gender. This data is provided by the user when he creates an account with Quitcy mobile app, or is submitted while using the app.

We may also process the following non-identifiable information in order to improve and maintain our services: device model, operating system and location, app progress data and other data of such sort needed for the purposes described above.


Why do we collect this information


This information helps us personalize your experience within our mobile app. We collect the minimum necessary information needed for this purpose. Information such as name, email and other registration details are mandatory for us to be able to provide you with personalized information in the mobile app This information may also be used to offer new services to the user or to provide the user with new features within the mobile app.


How do we use your personal information


We use your personal information to support and improve our service and experience. Your mobile app experience is personalized by using the information that you provide us. It is important that your personal data is accurate, since it is used to offer you a better experience within the mobile app. Your data is saved as long as it is necessary for us to fulfil the purposes described above.


How will your data be protected


Your personal information is protected with a number of appropriate layers of security against loss or unauthorized access, disclosure or modification, and theft. However, even the best security measures cannot guarantee a total risk elimination. In case we learn of any violation or danger to our security systems, we will proceed to notify you so that steps can be taken right away to protect your data. The safety of your personal data is very important to us and we will aim to offer you the best security measures and improve them regularly.

Your data is saved on a secure server and any transfer of information between you and the server is done through SSL, which ensures a safe data transfer.


Children’s data privacy


Quitcy does not collect knowingly personal information from children under the age of 13. If we detect that we have personal information of a child under the age of 13, we will immediately delete this dara from our servers.


Changes to this Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. You must check this page from time to time. Your use or continued use of the mobile app and services after an update of this Privacy Policy will be considered your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy


Data change or deletion


You may access and modify your personal information in your mobile app account settings. If you wish to permanently delete your account, you must contact us directly at support [@] and specify your request. We will take the needed steps to perform your request as soon as possible.


Data protection rights under GDPR


European Economic Area (EEA) residents have certain data protection rights. We take the steps necessary to allow you the rights to correct, update or delete your data. In specific circumstances you have the following rights regarding your data with us:

- The right to update, or delete the information saved with us

- The right to request your data, in which case you have the right to be provided with a copy of your personal data in a simple format

- The right to withdraw consent, at any time when your consent was required to process your personally identifiable information.

Note that you might be asked to confirm your identity before we answer this type of request. For more information you may contact your local data protection authority in the EEA.


Third Parties


The information that we collect in order to offer you an individualized service can sometimes be shared with third-party services. For example, you may see ads within this app or while going through our website. The information is processed automatically for marketing purposes, such as show you ads that might interest you based you your preferences. The individualized content offered to you may include online ads or other forms of advertisement, for which we may at times work jointly with third parties.


Copyright and Trademark


All the content on the mobile app, including but not limited to: texts, graphics, photographs, animations, videos are subject to copyright and are part of the intellectual property of Quitcy. The content cannot be used or reproduced without an explicit written permission from Quitcy. No information in the mobile app can be used or interpreted as the right to use the content as a trademark, without explicit written content beforehand from Quitcy. The copyright of the mobile app is the property of Quitcy.