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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Quitcy help me quit smoking?

Quitcy is an innovative app that makes quitting smoking possible for any smoker that decided it’s time to stop smoking for good! You can follow your daily progress such as how many cigarettes you have not smoked, how is your health improving and how much money you saved.

Scientists claim that meditation can help smokers quit, even the ones with no willpower. Behavioral training, such as guided meditation may be effective at enhancing self-control towards quitting smoking, even for the people who apparently have no desire to give up. Try today!

How do i change my quit date?

To change your Quit Date, tap “settings” from the menu, and select “Change Quit Date” option. Enter the date and time when you have or will quit smoking and tap save. All set!

What is quit smoking meditation?

Quitcy has created meditations that can help you understand your cravings and emotions about smoking, and effectively help you quit smoking and stay smoke free for good.

How does Quit Guide work?

Quit guide is science based quit smoking information and tasks to help you stay smoke free. We recommend that you complete each day 1 task to get the best results possible.

What should i do if i have a technical issue with the app?

Please contact us via email: support | @ | Include a screenshot and description of the problem you encountered for quicker assistance!

How can i contact you if I have questions or suggestions?

We appreciate and encourage our users to talk to us about our app features, what do you find most useful for you in this journey! Please contact us via email: support | @ |